Gertrude Gill, PhD. has been working in community, education and corporate settings over the past 30 years. She is an accredited Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist, Trainer, Wellbeing Coach, 5DL Leadership and Organisational Coach with CLC Consulting London. She lectures in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy at ICPPD Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling training College.

She has a Diploma in Addiction Counselling with the Hazledon Institute, Minnesota and an M.A. in Psychotherapy with the Institute of Psychosynthesis London where she also trained as a 5DL Leadership Coach. She completed two years of training in Psychodrama and is training in somatic awareness and trauma. She has worked in the field of education, clinical treatment and community services over a period of thirty years.

In her various roles of leadership, she has initiated and managed pastoral and mental health programmes in addiction clinical treatment, educational, corporate and diocesan settings. Her roles and responsibilities have included Clinical management and Programme Co-ordination, One to One and Group Therapy, Family Meetings, Pastoral Ministry, Teaching (Adolescent and Adult), Lecturing/Workshop facilitation. She has a PhD in the Humanities which researched the shifting parameters of the psychological, spiritual and religious dimensions of experience in terms of the evolution of human consciousness.

Her career paths to date and in specific her training and experience in the field of Psychosynthesis Psychology and 5DL Coaching offers particular expertise to the person seeking therapy/coaching. They are empowered to engage with stress and anxiety in the context of a call to a deeper sense of connection to their meaning, purpose and place of value in their relationships and working environment.

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