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Expanding Organisational Leadership Capacity in 2021

As part of our response to Covid 19 recovery, we support leaders understand how their mindsets and  self-care practices are key to optimum performance outcomes

Through 121 coaching and team workshops, the seeds of transformative change are embedded

This integrative training programme is founded on:

  • 5DL Leadership training model
  • Psychosynthesis Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Neurobiology

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The name of our company comes from the Gaelic word for abundance – Raidhse.

Perennially, the aspiration to live an abundant life has posed a radical challenge and its concept has been a source of confusion to the individual, to social systems and indeed to the institutions who advocate for wellbeing. We believe we must have abundance on our horizon for any human endeavour to be sustainable. We are all not here on this planet merely to survive but TO THRIVE!

The thrust of the Raidhse Life project is to be a resource for those who are searching for an abundance of life at the level of Mind, Body, Spirit. Those who want to live their lives to the full by mining an abundance of wellbeing in each spoke of the wheel of their lives: Relationships, Family, Work, Financial, Recreation.

The Celtic trinitarian or triad knot symbolises the three key elements of this abundance:

  • The Source of all Life – Love
  • The Manifestation of Love – the Interrelationship of all Life
  • The Animation of this Life – the Spirit of Love and Wisdom

The movement of this symbol represents the concentric cycle of life, death, resurrection that imbues each area of our lives at each moment with strength, resilience, achievement. Love, which is at the source of sustainable life, is the one uniting thread weaving through the knot which steadfastly continues to inject our lives with the potential and capacity for newness and transformation.

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